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U-MAX Servers & Workstations
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Used Sun Servers
Because these used sun servers by Sun MicrosystemsTM are pre-owned and remanufactured you will discover a substantial discount on server and hardware prices. These used servers and used workstations are the same workstations, servers, storage arrays and upgrade components that Sun MicrosystemsTM is currently offering in its current End User Price book.

All pre-owned and remanufactured Sun products comply with Sun's legal guidelines for purchase and resale of used servers and used workstation Sun products.

U-MAX Servers and Workstations
The U-MAX series of Sun MicroelectronicsTM based servers built by the Concorde Group provide performance, expandability and custom configurations beyond what is available in standard off-the-shelf Sun products. Available in tower, desktop, desk side, and rack mountable configurations- the U-MAX series is priced 30 to 60% below equivalent Sun products.

Large Selection
Currently LiNK4PC is developing a new and used server and workstation resource with hundreds of products to choose from.

servers & workstations
Sun MicrosystemsTM genuine remanufactured Enterprise class, UltraSPARC AXi, UltraSPARC & SuperSPARC serversTM, workstations and storage arrays

U-MAX Series: Sun Microelectronics TM UltraSPARCTM single, dual and quad servers and workstations

U-MAX chassis configurations ranging from 1U to 5U 19" rack-mount, desktop & desk-side

Sun upgrades & trade-in programs

Sun Solaris
TM operating system Right-To-Use licenses and binary code

TM compilers, programming languages and management tools

TM Volume Management, Journaling file system and Net Backup software

TM "Networker" for automatic backup and retrieval

TM client/server relational database, middleware and data warehouse software

disk & mass storage
Sun Storage Arrays

CLARiiON Raid arrays and disk farms

TM, ExabyteTM & SonyTM tape drives, autochangers and optical devices

TM DLT drives and autochangers

parts, components & upgrades
Sun MicroelectronicsTM system boards

Sun MicroelectronicsTM CPU modules

Sun Memory

Sun SCSI Cards

Sun monitors and Sun graphic cards

Sun Fiber Cards

Sun Hard Drives

services & support, on-site maintenance & warranty

prices and avalibity subject to change without notice


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