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dialup internet access
Sign up for dialup internet access today. For those who can't get DSL dialup internet access is a great way to get online. Unlike free internet access services you are not forced to look at ads.

nationwide network
OC12 (655Mbps)
56K Flex/V.90
UPS & generators
24-hour monitoring

dial up internet access

no sign-up fee
unlimited access
28.8K, 56K Flex/V.90, and 64K ISDN
free email account
optional "888" access (.10 per minute; not toll-free)
optional shell account ($100/year)
optional static IP address ($100/year)
2 MB personal web space free (upon request)

$169 per year with annual payment or $24.95 month-to-month

*domain name registration does not include typical $70 registration fee

prices and avalibity subject to change without notice


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