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Ricochet is the fastest mobile data access service available today at speeds of up to 128 kbps.

The Ricochet Wireless Internet Access Modem connects you to the Internet or your office network anytime you want, without using your phone line, and with no airtime charges.  You can always connect, with no busy signals ever, so your ricochet wireless Internet access is always ready to go the instant you need something.

You get unlimited ricochet wireless Internet access, an e-mail account and newsgroups. 

With Ricochet wireless internet access you can connect from the park, from your car, from a client's office, anywhere in your home, the airport, virtually anywhere, all without having to find a phone line.   No extra costs, so you can stay on as long as you like.
Ricochet service now available in San Diego , Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas/Ft. Worth, San Francisco Bay Area, Houston, Phoenix, New York City, Denver, Detroit,  Minneapolis, Philadelphia,
Washington DC, Seattle, San Jose, Los Angeles

Ricochet service coming soon to: Boston, Chicago, Denver, Kansas City, Miami, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City, Boston, St. Louis

wireless internet access wireless modems wireless web ricochet wireless modems

Additional coverage in progress: Albany (NY), Albuquerque (NM), Austin (TX), Buffalo (NY), Charlotte (NC), Cincinnati (OH), Cleveland (OH), Colorado Springs (CO), Columbus (OH), Indianapolis (IN), Las Vegas (NV), Memphis (TN), Milwaukee (WI), New York (NY), Omaha (NE), Orlando (FL), Pittsburgh (PA), Portland (OR), Providence (RI), Raleigh / Durham (NC), Richmond / Petersburg (VA), Rochester (NY), Sacramento (CA), Santa Fe (NM), Tulsa (OK), Virginia Beach (VA).

If your area is not currently covered, complete this form and we will notify you when coverage comes to your area.

prices and availability subject to change without notice wireless internet access provided by wwc an authorized service provider


If you need help selecting a ricochet modem contact us and we will provide you with information and pricing.




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