sun microelectronicsTM servers

AXi Servers
Tower & 2U Rack Mount
UltraSparc IIi Servers
AXe Servers
Tower & 1U Rack Mount
UltraSparc e Servers
AXPD Servers
Tower & 4U Rack Mount
UltraSparc II Servers
AXMP Servers
4U & 5U Rack Mount
UltraSparc II Servers
Fully scaleable, with CPUs ranging from 300MHz UltraSPARC e MCM- with 256kB cache to 480MHz UltraSPARC-11 with 8MB cache CPU modules.

High Density Rack-Mount chassis designs ranging from 2U through 5U in height with hot-pluggable power supplies, drives and fans.
Modular Sun CPU design offers easy inexpensive upgrades to prolong your company's hardware investment

Desk-side tower and 19" rack mount offer flexibility for space conscious environments.
  Concorde Group's Support Help Desk staffed with Sun-trained technicians to assist you with your OS and hardware needs.

Concorde Group is a SunSoft Certified Technology licensing and Distribution Agent, offering valid licenses for Solaris and all SunSoft products.
The concorde products are not clones. They use 100% genuine Sun motherboards boards and CPUs and run native Sun SolarisTM. Yet they offer flexibility and features not found anywhere else.

The concorde series of Sun Microelectronics
TM based Sun servers built by the Concorde Group provide performance, expandability and custom configurations beyond what is available in standard off-the-shelf Sun products. Available in tower, desktop, desk side, and rack mount server configurations‹ the concorde series is priced 30% to 60% below equivalent Sun products.
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