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used sun microsystemsTM servers
Looking for a Sun server but are affraid that new equipment prices might be out of this world then be sure to ask about the wide selection of pre-owned Sun products.

Because these Sun Microsystems
TM are pre-owned and remanufactured you will discover a substantial discount on server and hardware prices. These are the same workstations, servers, storage arrays and upgrade components that Sun MicrosystemsTM is currently offering in its current End User Price book.

In most cases, these machines are six months old. You will also find second and third generation products that are end-of-life and no longer available from Sun-making it an excellent resource for extending the life of legacy environments.

All pre-owned and remanufactured Sun products comply with Sun's legal guidelines for purchase and resale of Sun products.
Remanufactured Servers

Sun E220r Server
Sun E250 Server
Sun E420r Server
Sun E450 Server

Sun E3000 Server
Sun E3500 Server
Sun E4000 Server
Sun E4500 Server
Sun E5000 Server
Sun E5500 Server
Sun E6000 Server
Sun E6500 Server
Sun E10000 Server

Sun Fire v60x Server
Sun Fire v65x Server
Sun Fire 280r Server
Sun Fire v100 Server
Sun Fire v120 Server
Sun Fire v210 Server
Sun Fire v240 Server
Sun Fire v480 Server
Sun Fire v880 Server
Sun Fire v880z Server
Sun Fire v1280 Server

Sun Fire 3800 Server
Sun Fire 4800 Server
Sun Fire 4810 Server
Sun Fire 6800 Server
Sun Fire 12k Server
Sun Fire 15k Server

Sun Fire b100s

Sun Netra x1 Server
Sun Netra 20 Server
Sun Netra 120 Server
Sun Netra 1280 Server

Sun Netra t1 105 Server
Sun Netra t1120 Server
Sun Netra t1125 Server
Sun Netra t1400 Server
Sun Netra t1405 Server
Sun Netra AC200 Server
Sun Netra DC200 Server

Sun Netra ct 410
Sun Netra ct 810

Remanufactured Workstations

Sun Blade 100
Sun Blade 150
Sun Blade 1000
Sun Blade 2000

Sun SPARCstation 5
Sun SPARCstation 10
Sun SPARCstation 20

Sun Ultra 1
Sun Ultra 10
Sun Ultra 1 e
Sun Ultra 2
Sun Ultra 5
Sun Ultra 30
Sun Ultra 60
Sun Ultra 80

Sun SPARC 1000
Sun SPARC 2000

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UMAX & Sun Microelectronic hardware


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